North Star Executive
Vision- Pride- Passion
We do not require pilots to make set flight schedules, however we do want people who are willing to do more than one flight a month. Our most primary division Corporate/General aviation both run together. We use a vast array of aircraft to meet the needs and goals of each pilot. Many times a day in the real world, people need to be flown place to place, while incorporating a vast fleet of different types of aircraft we are able to meet those needs.  North Star Executive wants to simulate the different needs of the community, there for us using corporate aircraft, we can fly the high rollers from meetings or recreation activities and back home, or we can fly a family across the country for vacation. With this in mind, people having different needs, since some cannot fly across the country in corporate jets, North Star Executive allows for a more economical form of transport with the use of general aviation type aircraft also.We are also one of the few charter VA's out there now that use both the BBJ (737-700) and the Executive B757 (C-32) variation for those big company's that have the need to transport multiple people in style. After all who wants to fly on a airline when they can fly more comfortably in a private jet made for a king. All of our aircraft are charged by the hour. There for it doesn't matter if there is one person flying or 25 people flying the one paying the bill gets charged the same. This ensures that the company makes money, and the client is getting the best money can buy.

We are a vatsim partner. All of our flights are to be made with flight simulator on the Vatsim network. No time will be recorded offline for the VA. Vatsim is a great ATC community that is well staffed and realistic. We are primarily a FSX based VA. Due to our aircraft fleet this is the best simulator being used. However we do understand than not everyone has FSX or Prepar3D or can run it on there computer, therefore we are allowing FS9 users to join, although not all aircraft options will be available to them. North Star's fleet of aircraft are based on close evaluation of the staff for good quality aircraft to be used, with this said, all the aircraft in the fleet are payware aircraft, and all pilots are expected to obtain these aircraft on there own. We can help you in finding and obtaining these aircraft from the appropriate sources.