North Star Executive
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Join as a Member of NSX

We are changing the way we are doing things here at North Star.
Read below.

North Star Executive would like to thank you for taking the time to look into joining our team. We have a great group of knowledgeable guys who are passionate about flying.
If your passionate about flying like we are. We want you here. We have some real simple rules, but we are all about the enjoyment of flying.
North Star has always in the past used a screening policy for good candidates to join our VA. We have decided to change this and have a open enrollment. Meaning there will not be a interview process in order to join NSX.
All We are simply asking is to review the requirements below and then proceed to the AMS sight where you can register.

Requirements to join:
North Star Executive is looking for dedicated pilots. We are a close net of friends who enjoy flying and want to share that with others. 
You are responsible for contacting a administrator and requesting leave. Your an adult, and your parents don't work here. :)
FSX or Prepar3D Preferred, FS9 accepted,
NO X-planes.

Must be 16 Years of age.

Must be willing to make all flights on VATSIM.
Must be able to show ability to fly on vatsim network. (Logged hours on vataware)
 Training can be provided to help make anyone a better pilot.
Register on our Airline Management Sight. Once approved. If you wish to change your call sign to another one of your choosing email the CEO Here.
 Upon compleating this you will log into the AMS sight and go to the setup tab, that will walk you through the setup process to start flying for our va.
If you need help any any point or just want to chat while you fly. You will find a tab on the AMS sight that will provide you with all of the information to log into our TS3 server.