North Star Executive
Vision- Pride- Passion

Fields of Service

The Following Airfields are ours to use as primary fields to fly to. However these DO-NOT limit us to only these air fields.
As Executive flight service we cater to the customer. We fly to any field the customer requires us to. Our VA typically flies to fields other VA's do not. We tend to not fly very often to international airports. Which is the reason for smaller GA aircraft, that can fit into smaller fields. Typically Corporate aircraft do not usually use international airports but rather they use smaller fields closer to their customers destinations, and this is how we would like to operate. Being able to fit into smaller airports opens a lot of doors for pilots to see a different place every day.

We also run a Special Operation in Alaska. Including off airport runs.


KCRP- Corpus Christi, Tx. (Base of Operations) (BBJ).
KAPA- Denver Centennial, Co.
KJQF- Concord Nc.
KBJC- Denver Co. Denver Metro (For parking area and operations of (BBJ) out of KAPA).
KIXD- Olathe, Ks. (BBJ).
KMLI- (Quad City) Moline, Il. (BBJ).
KVNY- Van Nuys, Ca.
KTMB- Miami, Fl.
KLAS- Mc Carren Intl.(BBJ).
KAST- Astoria, Or.
KPDX- Portland Or. (For Parking are and operations of (BBJ) out of KAST).
PAFA- Fairbanks Ak. (Sub Fields PAUN, PAJN, PABR) (BBJ) (aircraft switching at sub fields bush aircraft only, others by admin. approval only).
KICT- Wichita, Ks. (Citation Service Center).
CYYC- Calgary Canada. Hub operations for cargo ops in Canada/ Alaska area.
Helicopters will remain floating status. All Flights need to depart one of our FBO's and return to the FBO at end of use.
Dedicated helicopter pilots are on a floating status. They are allowed to move from FBO to another in order to have more movement to operate the aircraft. (Restriction applies to helicopter pilots if they fly fixed wing aircraft. They need to fly from FBO to another fixed wing or rotor. They will not be allowed to float).
All aircraft switching will happen at our FBO's only. Recommended to do so at assigned FBO. If an aircraft is used from a FBO, assigned or not. IT MUST be returned to where you got it from.
When flying The BBJ. Special attention needs to be handled to make sure the airport being flown into is capable of handling an aircraft of its weight and size. (This is the reason that the BBJ is based at KBJC and not KAPA, which is not capable of facilitating the BBJ. All other aircraft are at KAPA).
Movement between KAPA to KBJC will be allowed with out having to fly from airport to airport. As in driving from one to the other. If this option is taken, Flights in/out of kAPA/KBJC must have a min of 45min between flights, to allow for driving time.
Movements between KAST and KPDX apply the same as Denver.