North Star Executive
Vision- Pride- Passion
North Star Executive was founded on Jan, 2010 after VBJ was shut down, when the CEO stepped away from the flight sim community. Due to the lack of a decent Corporate /GA VA, North Star Executive was started to replace a missing small portion of the Vatsim flying community. NSX started using PHP/VMS web software on Jan 2011. To much success we decided to move the VA over to a paid web host server, that was more stable and offered more options for our members.
North Star Executive is a Corporate / General Aviation VA. We simulate hosting of Virtual Clients across the world. We operate in a relaxed and professional environment. All of our flights are done on Vatsim. A live Air Traffic Control service. The only way to fly a simulator. We support Both FSX and FS9 Flight Simulators. and currently do not support Xplanes. (possibly in the future). We recommend using FSInn and FS Copilot to connect to Vatsim. North Star Executive Prides its self on being one of the few va's that not only provides a community with excellent guys to fly with in the VA, but one of the few va's out there that does not have set flight schedules. We give our pilots the freedom to fly when, where, they want, and how often. With larger va's that fly heavy airliners they are restricted to flying large international airports. We are not. We can fly into anything we want. From a Remote dirt strip in Alaska to a exotic destination in the Caribbeans. We host a large fleet of different aircraft to get different jobs done. We also have Hub bases available located around the country in different locations to facilitate different operations in different locations. Our most often areas flown are the United States including Hawaii, and Alaska. All areas of Canada. Sometimes traveling into Europe. We have been seen flying down to Tahiti and Around Australia.
We operate a Team Speak 3 Server that is up 24/7 for members to come in chat, get help participate in fly-ins, and for hiring purposes. Our team speak server has a bar room type atmosphere. We strive to have courteous and professional people as a part of our va, who also like to have a little fun and are not to soft hearted.  So If your looking for a relaxing place to fly your way with our aircraft. Please view our join page.
We do not hire just any one. We go through a hiring process and screening for good quality people to join the VA.